• Tru Trak Data Logger

The T-HR is a small Single Channel High Resolution (12 bit) Temperature data logger with an internal sensor housed in a rugged stainless steel case. The temperature sensor is mounted under a 0.6mm dome to give a relatively fast response time. Logging can be configured to: start on time, immediate start, stop when full, loop around (overwrite oldest data). Features.

Over 500,000 samples can be logged!

Temperature can be set to any combination of Point, Average, Maximum & Minimum readings.

The battery voltage of the logger can be logged if required.

The logger can be run in either “Stop when memory is Full”, “Loop Around” mode or set to stop at a future time.

The logger can be started “Now” or started at a given time in the future.

The data from any logger that records Temperature can be processed, by the Omni7 software, to give daily, weekly and monthly accumulated Grow Degree Day reports for a wide range of horticultural crops.

A USB or RS232 connection cable and software is required.

Data sheet is available here

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Tru Trak Data Logger

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