for digital thermometers, calibration testing and repairs
Repairs & Maintenance

The lifetime of many equipment types can be extended by periodic
maintenance, and repairs may also extend the lifespan of equipment.
Of course, there is a tradeoff between the price of repairs against the
purchase cost of replacement equipment, and quality of the product
also comes into the equation; JETZ will always balance the benefits to
you whether the repair is economical to perform.

Repairs are not necessarily limited to the equipment displayed in this
website. If you have any faulty equipment, a quick phone call may be all
you need to do to get it repaired.

JETZ is an authorised Cooper-Atkins Agent and can do repairs to most
models of contact digital thermometers. When work is performed on a
thermometer, a calibration check is made to ensure that it conforms to
the manufacturers' specifications. and a certificate of conformity is
issued. For a simple repair, this procedure is included in the standard
repair price. If the repairs are more complex, then a quote will be