JETZ is unable to provide IANZ Certificates for thermometers.

If a Certificate of Conformity is not of a sufficient standard for your requirements, you may wish to send your thermometer to Homershams in Christchurch for an IANZ certificate.

JETZ however can provide IANZ certificates for coolstores

Click Here to visit The Homershams website.
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Calibration Certificates of Conformity
for digital thermometers, temperature calibration testing and repairs
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A certificate showing errors at test points -18, 0, 30, 60, 90 Deg C or
other testpoints by arrangement.
An attached label showing errors at testpoints so you can make
adjustments when recording results.
A Certificate of Conformity verifies that your instrument performs within the design limits, and is usually sufficient to satisfy your HACCP requirements.
A free facility whereby your certificates are stored on-line for you to access is available on request
You Get:
IANZ Certificates